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The charm of South Moravian Winery

south moravian winery - tasting wines is neverending workUnless you are from Czech Republic, you’ve probably never tasted wines from South Moravia. Perhaps you’ve never even heard about them…  The reason is, that most of our wines are consumed in our country. However, South Moravian winery has its specifics and its undeniable charm. And it’s realy worth expoloring it.

South Moravia is one of the northernmost areas in Europe where wine is grown. Variability of the local climate is also reflected in the wines, which are produced in this magical region. Every season and every variety comes to Moravian winemakers with new challenges to face. They never stop developing, because it‘s not possible to use annually the same manufacturing proces.

On the contrary, year after year they always need to demonstrate their art and skills. The local winemaker has to taste his wines regularly, time and time again thinking about the technological process he should use to make the best wine from the grapes he had harvested in vineyard.

But the real peculiarity of the South Moravian winery is the existence of micro-winemakers. You probably won‘t find such a wine region, where in one village of about a thousand inhabitants exist side by side ten small professional wineries. Small wine cellars are typical for South MoraviaNot to mention another hundred hobby winemakers, each of them producing wine in his own wine cellar, for his personal pleasure in the first time.

And it‘s just the constant comparison with the others, the friendly competition between them, what leads to the fact that there are created beautiful and interesting wines in south Moravia. Their common meetings and friendship-based gouding goes hand in hand with learning from one another.

Tasting Moravian wines is a never ending adventure. It brings the pleasure of infinite variety and diversity of supply. Moreover, directly in the wine cellar you can meet the winemaker and his family, and find that they put to the wine not only all their skills, but also their hearts.


Wine: +420 608 641 875 (František Machovský)
Wine Cellar: +420 776 823 694 (Lenka Machovská)
Accommodation: +420 775 675 210 (Lenka Lubalová, Mlýn)

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