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What you shouldn’t  miss while visiting South Moravia

When you go to South Moravia, you find that it’s not just Prague the Czech Republic can be proud of. Endless fields of vineyards make pitoresque landscape with nice views, but the magic of this country isn’t only in vineyeards and wines, that are produced. So, what else should you see and experience?

Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape

The castle of Lednice

If there is only one place you can visit, it’s definitely the castle of Lednice and its neighbourhood. Lednice is part of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We owe to house of Lichtenstein, who systematicly changed their domain into a wonderful romantic landscape. As its area is more than 280 km2, its one of the largest artificial landscapes in Europe.

The castles Lednice and Valtice are the  centers of the region, and they are  surrounded by large park, which originated on the begining of 19th century. The whole country is like a woman jewelled by architectonic pearls and visiting all these interesting places would take more than a week.

Janohrad - artifical ruinsOne-day trip to Lednice

For a one-day trip we recommend you a visit in Lednice Castle (choose one of the tour routes) and than enjoy the typical moravian meal in well-known restauration “U Tlustých”.

In the afternoon you can walk through Lednice Castle garden (or you can take a boat on the channel in the garden) and visit Minaret, a Moorish Revival structure (62 m high). It serves as an observation tower and provides a view of the entire complex. When weather allows, you can see also the Pálava Hills and Malé Karpaty Mountains. Or you can boat to John’s Castle (Janův hrad or Janohrad), which is a Neo-Gothic artificial ruins in style of a castle.

Bořetice village and its neighbourhood

Bořetice villageThis part of the text is just prepared… Thanks for your paitience.

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