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Wine as a lifestyle


I would be pleased, if I could taste wines balanced and resigned in nature. I would go to the wine bar and say: “Waiter! I want a wine – how to say? – more serious, no young happy-go-lucky stripling, but a mature and experienced one, but still, you know, full of faith, optimism and courage, a wine, that knows art, that is literate and has seen the World, it must have like a tragic nature such as the Beethoven’s adagio, and yet a little bit of indulgence and a piece of smile.”

Karel Čapek (The Things around Us, CS author, Prague 1954, s. 126.)

MORAVIAN WINES with a character

We think wine is not just an alcohol, but it is a lifestyle full of friends and well-being. Good wine is first and foremost a wonderful companion with whom you want to have fun and spend time with him. Therefore, following the example of famous czech writer Karel Capek (and without ambitions for his wonderful literary style), we describe our wines not only as a complex of aromas and tastes, but we characterize them as unique human personalities. 

Meet your Moravian wine

Devin 2015
Dancing Fairy

Devín 2015 Baraque - Dancing fairy

Wine which is intensive in flavours, but also plesantly harmonious. As there is a higher residual sugar, it is ideal for “sweet teeth” people.

Pinot gris 2015

Pinot Gris 2015 Selection fo grapes Baraque

Popular representative of Burgundian varieties, which reached in the year 2015 the fullness of typical varietal aromas. Pleasant drink for every occasion.

Gewürztraminer 2015
Sweet Boy

Gewürztraminer 2015 - Sweet boy - Baraque winery

Full and rich wine, perfectly suited for desserts. Rather than whole-evening drink it is better for tasting in with friends or just a glass tonight and tommorow again. And again…

Chardonnay 2014
Ice Beauty

Chardonnay 2014 Baraque Ledová kráska

Despite difficult vintage 2014 this wine is surprisingly full and rich with long finish and mouth-watering acidity, which gives it very good potencial for bottle-ageing.

Green Veltliner 2014
DIY guy

Baraque Veltlínské zelené 2014 MZV

Fresh, typically spicy, easy-to-drink wine. Good in combinations with spicy dishes. Would be appreciated by dry wine lovers.

Rheinrieslink 2015
Executive female manager

Ryzlink rýnský 2015 - Výkonná manažerka - vinarštví Baraque

Dry white wine with great body and fruity aromatics. Great wine for whole evening or for combining with meal.

Welschrieslink 2015, late harvest
Good boy

Ryzlink vlašský 2015 PS Hodný kluk

Welshrieslink as we know him. This wine is less intensive, but pleasant and drinkable. Suitable for pleasant evenings weekdays.

Welschrieslink 2015, Selection of grapes
Dream lover

Ryzlink vlašský Snový milenec Baraque

Magnificent white wine that has a huge mistake – we got him a little. Therefore you can taste and buy now only in our wine cellar.

Pálava 2014
Prima donna

Pálava 2014 Operní diva vinařství Baraque

Untypical form of popular czech variety Pálava, as it seems to be almost dry. Available just in our wine cellar.


Hibernal 2015
Girl on the canoe

Hibernal Děvča na háčku 2015

Perfect compromise between the fragrant varieties of Traminer family and traditional varieties with more sophisticated flavors. Maturation increases the fullness of wine’s body and intensifies typical varietal aromas.

Sauvignon 2014
Friend from camp

Baraque Sauvignon 2014 MZV

Light, fresh, undemanding wine. The ideal refreshment in the summer’ heat or as a drink suited to the first spring campfires.

Pálava 2015
Crown princess

Pálava 2015 - vinařství Baraque - Korunní princezna

Full-bodied wine with high residual sugar, ideal for lovers of sweeter wines or as a dessert wine. Any archiving can prepare pleasant surprise.

Pinot gris 2014

Baraque - Runandské šedé 2014 - Univerzitní profesor

Dry white wine with a pleasantly fresh acidity, ideal for dining or social occassions where wine is not in the center of attention.

Green Veltliner 2015
Charismatic officer

Baraque Veltlínské zelené 2014

Dry representative of a great vintage 2015 – a full, robust aroma and rich wine, but fairly atypical Veltiner.

Blaufränkisch rosé 2015
Boy with “trháček”

Frankovka rosé 2015 Baraque

Full, harmonious, well-drinkable rosé wine. Pleasant as a summer drink while grilling or for long summer evenings on the terrace with sunset views.

Dornfelder 2015
Gifted guitarist

Velvety and smooth wine, with lifted fruity aromas typical for the Moravian red wines. Pleasant, well drinkable and interesting.

Neronet 2015
Happily divorced

Vinařství Baraque červené víno

Medium-bodied red wine with a pleasant smoky tones. Suitable for lovers of heavier red wines.

Cabernet Moravia 2015
Pop starlet

Cabernet Moravia 2015 - vinařství Baraque - Popová hvězdička

Light red wine with fruity aroma and fresh acidity. So “easy and cool” as the red wine can be.

Blauer Portugieser 2011
Old seaman

Vinařství Baraque červené víno

Wine connecting fruity varietal tones and typical tannins of red wines, rounded by years of maturing in an oak barrel. To taste only in our wine cellar.

Golubok 2014
Gentleman in spa

Vinařství Baraque Golubok 2014 Lázeňský švihák

Full-bodied red wine with aromatics of black currants, blackberries, smoke and chocolate. To taste only in our wine cellar.

Blauer Portugieser 2014

Vinařství Baraque červené víno

Pleasant red wine, which combines varietal fruit character and secondary aromatics obtained by one year lasting maturing in oak barrel. Suitable for an evening relax or drinking with group of friends.

Blaufränkisch 2013

Vinařství Baraque červené víno

Wine that bears the character of traditional manufacturing methods of our grandfathers. Suitable for lovers of rough red wines.

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