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Golubok 2012

Moravian Country Wine, dry

Morava wine region, subregion Velkopavlovická oblast, village Vrbice, vineyard Šudoněk

Golubok 2012 - mohutné červené víno z jižní Moravy


Golubok 2012 is wild and untamed like a beautiful young gypsy girl. Long black hair flying in the wind, full breast heaving in the cleavage,  showing more, than it is appropriate for a modest woman. Her thin  waist and wide hips hint that she was born to deliver children. Lips coloured with a red lipstick are smiling enigmaticly, while inviting for a kiss. And her eyes … Those eyes! Deep, pitch-black eyes, which will cast a spell over you at first glance. 


Golubok originally a black-grape wine, which comes from Ukraine. It is not formally listed in the Czech book of wine varieties, which is why it is not possible to sell it officially. It gives an excellent wine though, so we produce it for our own pleasure. The wine has an intense purpely colour. In the wild fruity scent you can recognize traces of black currant or an overripe sour cherry, traces of plum butter and chocolate supplement the taste. The wine is massive, round and full, evoking the feel of an explosion of flavours while being tasted.

Golubok is great for archiving too, it holds the fruity character of a young wine for at least ten years. It is wine, that is able to stop a conversation, for it will take your breath with the first sip. It is a wine of such a strong personality, that you won’t be shy to drink it alone.

We recommend to serve the wine in a calm setting, in big wine glasses, ideally decanted. Golubok is a wine, which deserves your full attention.

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Serving temperature  15-18°C
Archiving 10-12 years
Dishes roasted duck, venison, beef, mutton
Amount of alcohol 11,8 %
Residual sugar 0,2 g/l
Sugar-free extract 27,2 g/l
Acids 5,5 g/l
Price It is a wine from our family archive – can be tasted only in our wine cellar.

Wine: +420 608 641 875 (František Machovský)
Wine Cellar: +420 776 823 694 (Lenka Machovská)
Accommodation: +420 775 675 210 (Lenka Lubalová, Mlýn)

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