Wine as a lifestyle

Blauer Portugieser 2013

Moravian Country Wine, dry

Morava wine region, subregion Velkopavlovická oblast, village Vrbice, vineyard Krátký


This wine is like your high-school classmate. Even then she liked taking the center stage. Other girls wanted to be like her, boys dreamed of her secretely. Now you meet her, after so many years, only to find out she is still the same. She uses the same fragrance … No matter where she is, she is always in the center of attention. She doesn’t offend anybody, everybody likes talking to her. And her jokes, which used to be quite sharp at times, have lost its sharpness in the flow of time.


A wine of an intense ruby colour. In its scent we explore fruits tones supplemented with a pleasant aroma of an oak barrel. The taste is dominated by mature sour cherries, dried plums and chocolate. The wine is full and extractive. Despite the fact it is a dry wine, it leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth. This is underlined by a feel, as if we tasted sour cherries covered with chocolate instead of wine.

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Serving temperature 13-16°C
Archiving 4 years
Dishes Italian cuisine, all kinds of poultry, pork steak
Amount of alcohol 12,1 %
Residual sugar 0,1 g/l
Sugar-free extract 28 g/l
Acids 4,7 g/l
Price 180 CZK inc. TAX / 148,76 w/o TAX

Wine: +420 608 641 875 (František Machovský)
Wine Cellar: +420 776 823 694 (Lenka Machovská)
Accommodation: +420 775 675 210 (Lenka Lubalová, Mlýn)

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