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Pálava 2013

Moravian Country Wine, dry

Morava wine region, subregion Velkopavlovická oblast, village Vrbice,  wineyard Krátký


Imagine a girl, barely eighteen years olf, with long loose hair. There is a flower behind her ear, flare pants … She is full of ideals, she believes in the world peace, freedom and love. She lives the life to the fullest, from drug experiments to open sex. And even such, you still feel it is only a sham, in reality she believes in the life-long live and only wait for her prince … Such is Pálava 2013..


A wine of golden colour, aromatic scent, intense. Blossomly aroma reminds of flourishing roses and tamgerines. Its taste is full and honey-like. Fruit tones are supplemented with a slightly spicy aroma. Harmonious wine, which leaves a long sweetish feel in your mouth, topped up with a pleasant acid.

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Serving temperature 10-12°C
Archiving 3 years
Dishes poultry, vegetable sallad, desserts
Amount of alcohol 13 %
Residual sugar  0,1 g/l
Sugar-free extract 22,8 g/l
Acids 5,9 g/l
Price 220 CZK inc. TAX / 181,82 w/o TAX

Wine: +420 608 641 875 (František Machovský)
Wine Cellar: +420 776 823 694 (Lenka Machovská)
Accommodation: +420 775 675 210 (Lenka Lubalová, Mlýn)

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