Wine as a lifestyle

Pinot gris 2015

Selection of grapes, medium dry

Wine region Morava

Velkopavlovická wine subregion

Village Vrbice

Vineyard Krátký


Pinot gris 2015 is like that type of women which men wants to share their life with. She has not figure of models on the cover of fashion magazines, but you have never met her without a smile on her face. She’s just a girl to bad weather. She doesn’t provoke scorching desire, yet she somehow attracts you. And you can not even tell why, cause… you know, love is indefinable. And then after years full of every-day-worries, you suddenly stop and realize that you love her on. Perhaps for that your home smells of fresh bread and clean linens.

Wine characterstic

Brilliant wine with deep goldish-yellow color. As it was fresh, buket connected fresh apples with flowering meadows. While maturing in the bottle, wine got a bit of doughy character. The wine is full, harmonious, suitable for immediate drinking, but also for medium-term archiving.

This wine is really suited for every occasion – for a pleasant evening with wife (back label is actually also a declaration of love), like drinking at a gathering with friends or as a gift for someone you care about.


  • Silver medal in Vinum Juvenale 2015
  • Silver medal in Král vín 2016

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Teplota podávání  9-11°C
Archivace 4-5 let
Pokrmy grilované ryby, pečená drůbež
Obsah alkoholu 13,6 %
Zbytkový cukr 12,4 g/l
Bezcukerný extrakt 24,4 g/l
Kyseliny 6,7 g/l
Cena 220 Kč vč. DPH / 181,82 Kč bez DPH

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