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Green Veltliner 2013

Moravan Country Wine, dryVeltlínské zelené 2013 - víno z jižní Moravy

Morava wine region, subregion Velkopavlovická oblast, village Vrbice, vineyard Krátký


The wine is like a young man, who has just completed his studies. Accomplishment of all the hard exams gave him courage and now he is eagerly entering his first occupation. He comes with a passion, a life-power, the will to fullfil his goals. Maybe there is a sky-high carreer before him. Maybe he will face the cruel reality …


A wine of brightly yellow colour with greenish shades. In its scent, there is a clearly distinguishable veltliner-typical green pepper aroma, slighly underlined by chlorophyll tones. The wine leaves exactly the same taste in mouth. While laying in the bottle, the fresh pepperness rounds itself and transitions into the honey tones of mature wines. The taste is full, extractive with a long persistence.

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Serving temperature 9-11°C
Archiving 3 years
Dishes spicy meals, lamb, cold platters
Amount of alcohol 12,2 %
Residual sugar 0,7 g/l
Sugar-free extract 18,1 g/l
Acids 4,9 g/l
Price 160 CZK inc. VAT / 132.23 w/o VAT

Wine: +420 608 641 875 (František Machovský)
Wine Cellar: +420 776 823 694 (Lenka Machovská)
Accommodation: +420 775 675 210 (Lenka Lubalová, Mlýn)

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